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Civil Construction Company

Civil Construction Services

Mekark Structure Pvt Ltd established in the year 2009 at Chennai. We are the leading construction company in the market to provide the best deals and wide range of Construction Services for Residential, Commercial and Industrial.

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Residential Construction Services

Some of the most common types include:

Single-family homes: These are detached houses designed to accommodate one family, usually with a garden or outdoor space.

Apartments:Buildings that contain multiple units, each rented to a tenant. They can range from small studios to large multi-bedroom apartments.

Condominiums:Similar to apartments, but each unit is individually owned and shares common areas and facilities.

Townhouses:Houses that share walls with neighboring units, often arranged in a row or complex.

Duplexes and triplexes:Houses that are divided into two or three separate living spaces, typically with separate entrances and utilities.

Mobile homes:Prefabricated houses that can be moved from one place to another.

Co-housing:A community of private homes clustered around shared spaces and amenities.

Retirement homes:Housing units intended for elderly people who require assistance or supervision in daily activities.

Student housing:Housing intended for university students, typically in close proximity to the campus.

Micro-apartments:Small, purpose-built apartments designed for one occupant, often found in dense urban areas.

Commercial Construction Services

Types of commercial buildings, some of which include:

Office Buildings: Buildings intended for the operation of businesses, usually with several floors of office space.

Retail Buildings: Buildings designed for shops, malls and malls where businesses can sell goods and services to customers.

Restaurants and cafes: Buildings intended for catering, with commercial kitchens, seating and other facilities.

Hotels and motels: Buildings intended for temporary accommodation, usually with multiple rooms and facilities.

Medical Buildings: Buildings intended for medical practices, hospitals, clinics and other health services.

Mixed-use Buildings: Buildings that combine different types of commercial and residential space, such as ground floor retail with apartments above.

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Sports facilities: Buildings designed for sports and recreation, such as stadiums, arenas and gymnasiums.

Educational Buildings: Buildings intended for schools, universities and other educational institutions.

Religious Buildings: Buildings intended for religious worship and community gathering, such as churches, mosques and temples.

Building Civil Construction Company ChennaiIndustrial Manufacturing Company India - Mekark

Industrial Construction Services

Some of the most common types include:

Factories: Buildings designed for mass production of products such as cars, appliances or electronics.

Warehouses: Buildings designed to store goods, often with loading docks for shipping and receiving.

Distribution centers: Buildings designed for the distribution and transport of goods, often located near transport hubs such as airports or seaports.

Power plants: Buildings designed to generate and distribute electricity, often containing large turbines, generators and other equipment.

Refineries: Buildings designed to process raw materials into refined products, such as oil refineries.

Food processing plants: Buildings intended for the production, processing and packaging of food and beverages.

Chemical plants: Buildings intended for the production of chemicals and related products.

Data centers: Buildings designed to store and process large amounts of data, for example for cloud computing services.

Cold storage facilities: Buildings designed for the storage and preservation of perishable goods such as frozen food or pharmaceuticals.

Research and development facilities: Buildings intended for the development and testing of new products or technologies.

We build qualified structures

As civil construction contractors, Mekark expert Team provide top-notch services, they make use of the most recent technologies and tools. To guarantee that our clients are happy with our services, we always adhere to the most recent industry trends and standards. We can give you whatever service you require because we are that arrive in a gigantic scope of shapes and hues; it implies quick site establishment and less vitality utilization. It means deciding to focus on the standards of manageability. Endlessly recyclable, steel is the material that mirrors the objectives of the supportable turn of events. Selecting steel implies picking a more exceptional opportunity for the development of engineering. It means infusing style into the structures and the urban areas of tomorrow. Steel gives numerous points of interest to the planner for the structure of a multi-story building: large traverses are conceivable. A steel building is lighter than a conventional structure.

Mekark Construction team builds your dream house according to your needs, using the latest construction techniques and management tools, and selects the most suitable products for your dream home. When you choose us, you want the benefits of 20 years of experience in the construction industry. With our ability to meet a wide variety of needs, we have the option of dealing specifically with our valued customers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Civil building construction refers to the process of building structures such as houses, commercial buildings, Industrial and other infrastructure.

There are many different types of construction services, including general contracting, design-build, construction management, and project management.

General contracting is a type of construction service. we responsible for overseeing the entire construction project, including managing subcontractors, materials and labor.

Design-build is a type of construction services. Our Expert team responsible for both the design and construction of the project.

A construction schedule is a timeline that outlines the different stages of the construction project, including when each stage will begin and end.

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