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Multi Level Car Parking System

Multi Level Car Parking Solutions - Mekark

In our country, most of the people migrate from rural area to urban area. Due to the emerging modern world, the car become important for day-to-day transportation hence in our country there is less ground space parking area than number of cars used by our vast population. Besides the problem of space for cars moving on the road, greater is the problem of space for a parked vehicle considering that private vehicles remain parked for most of their time. Multi-level Parking systems is the best space saving parking solution and relief in all major cities in India.

A multi-level car parking system is a type of car parking facility that utilizes vertical space to accommodate a large number of vehicles within a limited area. This system consists of multiple levels of parking spaces stacked on top of each other, which can be accessed using ramps or elevators. The design of a multi-level car parking system can vary depending on the available space and requirements, but generally, it involves a steel or concrete structure that supports the weight of the vehicles and provides safety features such as fire protection, ventilation and security systems.

Advantages of Multilevel Car Parking

  • Versatile and advanced technology.
  • Maximum utilization of ground space.
  • Quick entry and exit due to independent operation of lift.
  • Driver convenience.
  • Less time.
  • Multi safety guarantee of a driver and cars too.
  • Less building volume.
  • Low ground area.
Multi Level Car Parking System Manufacturer Company Chennai - Mekark
Multi Level Car Parking System Manufacturer Company Chennai - Mekark

Revolutionizing Parking Solution-Mekark MLCP

Our Staggered Vehicle Leaving Framework is remarkable in the plan having a solitary range, and which can leave vehicles from small size vehicles to medium size Hatch Backs. Mekark Multilevel Car Parking team provides the solutions for various industries.

  • Commercial, Residential Areas and Tourist Areas.
  • Hotels, Multiplex & IT parks.
  • Hospitals and Showrooms.
  • Public Parking.
  • Sports and entertainment venues such as stadiums and concert halls, where large crowds gather and require parking.

Mekark is a leading multi-level car parking manufacturer that provides innovative and cost-effective solutions for car parking facilities. Our services cater to various sectors including the commercial, residential, and institutional. We design and manufacture customized parking systems that maximize the utilization of available space while ensuring the safety and security of the vehicles.

Our multi-level car parking systems are built with high-quality materials and are designed to withstand heavy loads and adverse weather conditions. We offer a range of parking solutions including fully automated and semi-automated systems that provide hassle-free parking experiences for the users.

At Mekark, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction. Our team of experts works closely with our clients to understand their specific requirements and provide tailor-made solutions that meet their needs. Contact us today to get our services and how we can help you optimize your parking space.


Multi Level Car Parking System Manufacturer Company Chennai - Mekark


Multi Level Car Parking System Manufacturer Company Chennai - Mekark


Multi Level Car Parking System Manufacturer Company Chennai - Mekark

IT Park

Multi Level Car Parking System Manufacturer Company Chennai - Mekark

Sports Stadium

Multi Level Car Parking System Manufacturer Company Chennai - Mekark

Tourism Sector


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Frequently Asked Questions

A multi-level car parking system is a vertical parking system that allows for multiple vehicles to be parked in a single location, usually in a compact space.

Mekark manufactures a range of multi-level car parking systems, including stack parking systems, puzzle parking systems, tower parking systems, and automated parking systems.

Multi-level car parking systems offer several benefits, including increased parking capacity, improved space utilization, reduced land usage, enhanced security, and faster retrieval times.

Yes, Mekark can customize their multi-level car parking systems to fit specific requirements, including space limitations, budget constraints, and aesthetic preferences.

Yes, Mekark provides installation and maintenance services for their multi-level car parking systems, ensuring that they are installed correctly and operate efficiently throughout their lifespan.

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